Jackie Aina and Kim Kardashian Face Off in KKW Controversy

Kim kicked off the start of her cosmetics company with a KKW Beauty launch party. In addition to Kim’s close friends and family, the LA beauty influencer crème of the crop were also in attendance. Among the social media stars lucky enough to get an invite was Jackie Aina. Unfortunately, fans are crying foul regarding events that transpired after the launch party.

After attending the launch shindig, Aina released her take on KKW beauty’s inaugural product on her channel to her almost 1.5 million YouTube subscribers.

In her review, the beauty influencer mentioned several things she liked about the product and several things she didn’t.

Jackie Aina Reviews KKW Beauty

Of the critical comments she made, price was one that was echoed by several other influencers. Aina felt that the $48 price tag of the kits was too expensive considering the amount of product the buyer got in return.

She also spoke on the timeliness of the kits. Aina wondered why, since Kim has for so long been such an influential celebrity when it comes to the now ubiquitous makeup technique that is contour, was she just releasing a contour product.

“I feel like the whole contour and highlight train has long left the beauty community and that phase was, like, two years ago,” Aina explained.

Vloggers like Aina amass such huge followings in large part because of their on-camera personalities, but also because of their fair, honest and thorough reviews of products. So her more critical comments shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone.

Fans Are Crying Foul

Yet Aina’s fans believe that Kim was throwing some serious shade the vlogger’s way when she posted a photo gallery to Instagram where she tags all of her guests except for Jackie.

Thank you to everyone who came out to my @kkwbeauty launch event! Loved seeing my OG’s & meeting so many new people!

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Some theorized that missing tag was an innocent mistake on Kim’ s part. Others speculated that the absent tag was all too intentional. Aina’s fans came quickly to her defense, tweeting to, and leaving comments for, Kim calling her “petty.”

Aina jumped into the fray as well with an Instagram Live video.

“I just gave some really constructive feedback about the product,” she said to her followers. “I didn’t glorify the product in my review, but I also didn’t bash it…[Kim] knew what she was doing.”

Aina added that she believed Kim’s actions were intentional and spiteful, however she still didn’t think her fans should attack Kim because of it.

Kim later took to Twitter to let the world know it was all a big misunderstanding and even remarked that Aina was “super sweet.”

Does Aina regret her comments about Kim during her Instagram live video, or think the KKW Beauty founder is full of it?


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