Review Recap: KKW Beauty’s Creme Contour Kits

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Kim Kardashian West launched a new cosmetic line, KKW Beauty, and your favorite gurus have already weighed in with reviews.

Kim’s premiere release is the Crème Contour Kit—the first of what is sure to be a long line of products branded with Kim (and Kanye’s) signature nude palette.



The kit is $49.95 and comes in four hues: Light, Medium, Dark and Deep Dark. Each kit has two sticks with contour crème on either side for a total of 4 different shades. One stick has two different color highlighters, and the other has two different color contour shades.

A brush also accompanies the créme sticks, and it has a Beauty Blender-like sponge on one end and a makeup brush on the other for application and blending.

We Reviewed the Reviews

We checked them all out, to find the good, the bad and the beauty of KKW Beauty’s first kit.

Bang for Your Beauty Bucks

The amount of product, or lack thereof, seemed to be a theme amongst the gurus. “You tried it girl, that’s all you get?” asked Jack Aina after assessing the amount of crème makeup in the contour kits.

How Does It Feel

The feel and consistency of the product was a plus for many of the influencers. “They feel like a tinted balm, and maybe Kim kind of likes that really, really soft skin-like finish,” added Aina.

The Shade

Aina lauded Kim for her shade inclusivity, commenting that the dark shades were, “very dark.” Aina has been very vocal about the difficulty women with dark skin shades appropriate for dark-skinned woman.

The Tools

The brush included with the kit was a no for everyone.


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