Tati Westbrook Speaks Out About Brands Misleading Customers

Tati Westbrook is fed up and she’s warning fans to do their research when deciding where to spend their money online.

In a recent vlog she discusses why fans need to be careful purchasing products based on the perceived recommendations of their favorite influencers.

Tati Westbrook Fed Up With Brands Stealing Images


As beauty vlogging grows in popularity, brands are becoming more desperate to earn positive reviews. Some have begun the deceptive practice of manipulating the footage of negative reviews to seem positive.

Westbrook warns that not only do these brands use these images in their marketing materials, they purchase Facebook ad campaigns (which can also run on Instagram).

Tati Westbrook on How to Avoid Scams

So how do you make sure you’re not getting ripped off and buying a counterfeit or crappy products? Westbrook, advises that you head to one of owned channels of the influencer being referenced in the promotional materials. Once there, search for a review or endorsement of the product. It’s an extra step but worth it to avoid spending your hard-earned cash on a product with negative reviews or a knock-off of the original.

Tati also names, names in her passionate YouTube post. She discusses how she’s contacted certain websites in the past and asked them to remove images of her and some of these companies refuse. Many shady business people are aware of the steep cost of obtaining a lawyer for these types of cases.

Check out Tati’s complete message on deceptive advertising and how you can avoid getting taken advantage of.


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